Choosing a new fireplace should be as straightforward as possible for residents and landlords, which is why we offer tailored literature to make it easy for all involved.

Once the landlord has selected the products they’d like to use, our dedicated marketing team can create bespoke Choice Sheets to inform residents of the specific fireplace options available to them.

The Choice Sheets include:

  • Images of the fireplace options
  • Features & benefits of the products
  • Data capture form with tick box options

The resident completes the data capture form on the Choice Sheet and returns it to their landlord for order processing.

These choice sheets have proved invaluable among our current customers as they ensure:

  • Residents understand their options and can make an informed decision
  • Residents are satisfied with what their fireplace looks like before it is installed
  • Landlords can quickly and easily collate the Choice Sheets to determine order requirements


For more information or to discuss your Choice Sheet needs please contact our marketing department on: