Running Costs

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All of our electric fires are 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning 100% of the electric input is transferred to heat, with no wastage, unlike gas fires which loose heat up the chimney. With a wide range of electric fires to choose from, there is a solution for any surround.

The running cost of our electric fires on their maximum heat output of 2kW is 30p per hour. This is calculated as electric input x electric tariff using an example tariff of 15p per kWh.

Our electric fires also offer a flame effect only setting, which is calculated to cost less than £3.00 per year to run based on an estimate usage of 5 hours / 7 days per week.


Electric fires provide 100% energy efficiency at the point of use. This means that all energy consumed by the product is delivered as either heat of light, with no waste, unlike gas fires which loose heat energy up the chimney.