Working together to promote sustainability

Every year we at Be Modern Group promote the importance of sustainability in manufacturing by taking part in FSC Friday®.

FSC Friday® is a worldwide event facilitated by FSC® to raise awareness of the importance of working with responsibly sourced wood products with a view to sustain our forests, the habitats that they provide for wildlife and the honest livelihood of those who work responsibly within them.

We are proud to source as much FSC® material as possible in our manufacturing of fireplaces, bathroom and bedroom furniture and hold a chain of custody certificate with FSC®, allowing us to trace our timber back to where it was responsibly sourced.

Over the years we have visited schools across the region to educate the students of this important message; we have planted trees and even spent a day with one of our timber merchants following the process from start to finish.

This year we will be continuing this work, celebrating FSC Friday® on 29th September, and we would love to involve our customers! If you would like to work with us to spread awareness of FSC® please contact:

Be Modern fundraise for The People’s Kitchen in Newcastle this Christmas
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Be Modern fundraise for The People’s Kitchen in Newcastle this Christmas
The local charity care for and feed the homeless and disadvantaged people of Newcastle throughout the year. Founded in 1985 the charity sprang to life as a soup kitchen, spurred on by their founder Alison Kay.
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Be Modern Ltd
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