Why should you choose electric?


There are many reasons to choose electric when selecting a new fire or fireplace for your residents.

Creating a warming centrepiece is desirable and practical, providing the users with that all important second source of heat should the boiler fail. Some of the many benefits to installing an electric product are:

  • The speed and ease at which they can be installed is a highlight. Our electric fires are a plug in and play revelation.
  • Don’t have a chimney breast? No problem – our electric suites can be installed against any flat wall in the home. They do not require a chimney as they have no harmful waste to expel; all they require is a plug.
  • All of our electric fires offer a flame effect only setting allowing the ambiance of a flickering flame to be enjoyed on warmer evenings also.
  • The flickering flame pattern, created by LED technology, springs to life at the touch of a button.
  • Similarly the heat is instantly available and controlled by easy to reach switches.
  • Residents are able to regulate their room temperature with thermostat control installed as standard across all of our electric fires.
  • This also allows residents to be in control of their energy usage.
  • Electricity is 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning no wasted energy.
  • Electricity, unlike gas, is a renewable energy source which can be generated by wind farms, solar panels and the tidal energy.
  • Also unlike their gas counterparts electric fires do not require yearly maintenance and servicing, saving money.

To find out more about our electric fires and suites please visit www.bemodern4homes.com or call 0191 430 9430.

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