Be Modern Group Ltd have pledged their commitment to the safe4kids campaign which builds a bridge between schools, children and their parents to provide vital safety information for the UK’s children.

Understanding that modern technology is constantly evolving, and that our children will rely on the use of the internet and wider technology increasingly is important.

The safe4kids scheme encourages children to use technology safely and responsibly. In doing this the program highlights the potential dangers children may face in their young lives, and ways in which to overcome or avoid these situations.

With a ‘cool crew’ of relatable characters for children to identify and learn from the multi-channel approach is designed to appeal to all.

Taking on a wide range of issues, both online and offline, spanning from safely crossing the road to safely navigating an online chat room, safe4kids have produced fun literature for children to interact with at school and at home. Be Modern are in full support of the program and have helped to ensure the distribution of this important information and resource to schools free of charge.

Safe4kids also recognises the need to support parents in their own learning and understanding of today’s technology to better explore the risks and benefits on offer to their children, including ways in which to keep them safe.

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