The perfect solution for replacing gas fires

A fireplace is an excellent source of heat as well as a key selling point, making it a popular option for social landlords.

We always recommend that old gas fires and back boilers are removed by a registered Gas fitter and that the remaining hole is blocked up and plastered. Our electric fireplaces are delivered as complete one box products, including the fire, which can then be fitted directly onto the wall for a really easy installation.

Installing a complete electric fireplace can save valuable time and money. Our oversized hearth options can easily cover previous carpet cut outs too.

Available from National and Regional plumbing and heating merchants, ask for Be Modern fires and fireplaces. For further information visit

If you are looking to keep an existing surround, and replace the current fire, that’s no problem either – we have a wide range of inset electric or gas fires to suit. Call us to find out more on 0191 430 9430.