Bemodern – Ultimate Flexibility

Be Modern – Ultimate Flexibility

The fireplace is often thought of as the heart of a home, the design, shape, size and colour are all important when choosing a new suite to compliment your decoration styles.
This is why Be Modern offers ultimate flexibility with a versatile mix and match picking option for your residents; allowing them to design their own centrepiece.

One company who champions this new thinking is Gentoo. Louise Lawson, customer Consultation Manager recalls “At our consultation events last year customers were asking if they could have different fires with different surrounds.
“As Gentoo work in partnership with Be Modern, Louise knew the company would look to help in any way stating, “It seemed like something we would be able to work with Be Modern to achieve.”

The solution was welcomed by all, “Since offering the mix and match option customers are very happy that they have a more varied choice. We regularly receive positive feedback about the quality and style of the fire and surrounds available” added Louise.

Be Modern has never shied away from customer requests and always credited the idea that the customer knows best. Requests for variation in products such as finish options, is what brought about this new thinking some time ago.

The company have since been manufacturing their suites in the North East of England with flexibility firmly in mind. Already offering a huge variety of finish options, materials and sizes in their collection; Be Modern announces that now choices of fires are available also.

The aforementioned new electric suites, The Rochdale and The Allendale embody this new thinking. Bespoke hearth sizes are still very much part of Be Modern’s service, having offered these for many years.
A large number of their suites and surrounds come with additional hearth sizes as standard.