Be Modern Embark on FSC Journey

FSC Timber from Egger

FSC Timber from Egger

Be Modern Embark on FSC Journey

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, not for profit organisation which promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests; protecting local wildlife and biodiversity as well as the sustainability of wood as a resource. Each year they celebrate the important work they do with an annual day of awareness – FSC® Friday.

Be Modern Group Ltd have long understood the importance of sustainability and have been proudly supporting FSC® Friday, holding their own chain of custody certification and selecting suppliers who support this vision.

EGGER is one such supplier, providing approved timber to Be Modern for its manufacture of fireplaces and surrounds.
In support of FSC® Friday and to understand the origins of their timber based products Be Modern visited EGGER’s harvesting sites in Kidland Forest to follow the journey.

The enormity of the task of the Forestry Division was evident on arrival. Steep hills of Sitka Spruce trees lined the horizon at Kidland Forest; amongst them a Harvester methodically felled the wood whilst a
Forwarder collected the logs and deposited them ready to be collected by a lorry later that day.

Thomas Coates, Area Manager of timber harvesting at EGGER explained “Any forest can be FSC® certified; as long as the owner of the land applies for certification and complies with the various standards set out for
its management; one of the key requirements state that no more than 75% of the woodland should be one species of tree, to encourage biodiversity.

Typical rotation lengths in the UK for coniferous trees span between 35-50 year and at maturity the land owner will make a decision to fell, engaging companies such as EGGER Forestry to fell and dispatch the timber.
Post felling, the land is once again planted with trees and the cycle continues.

Currently, the UK is felling approximately 11 million tonnes of standing timber each year with key forest areas including north England and south and west Scotland.
Felling takes place all year round and each timber harvester is capable of felling between 450-600 trees each day.

As part of the forest visit, Be Modern were also shown a site which had been felled two years previously; the land had undergone a short period of dormancy to ensure no disease or pests are present when the land is
replanted. Once planted, the young trees which will be closely monitored as they mature.

Approximately 70% of the harvested timber is sent to saw mills to be processed and used in building works and materials by companies such as Be Modern, leaving approximately 30% which will be sold as industrial
roundwood and utilized in the wood based panel or pulp sectors. EGGER also source recycled wood materials from their customers and civic amenity sites to reuse in their wood panels which results in as much as 30%
of the panels produced by EGGER being manufactured from recycled wood.

Sarah Robson, Marketing Assistant at Be Modern commented “Tracing the journey of the timber that makes our products, back to the forest from which they originate was a fantastic experience.
Using sustainable resources in the manufacturing process not only ensures that there will be material for years to come, but it also means Be Modern are using a responsibly grown, harvested and treated product that
customers can rely on. It reaffirms the value of our products and demonstrates our support for the responsible management of the world’s forests and all who work and live within them.”